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Shree Krishna Janmashtami Utsav

Wednesday 12th - Thursday 13th August 2020




PLEASE NOTE:​ Due to government re­strictions​ we will live-stream Janmasht­ami Aarti on our Fac­ebook and YouTube channels, for devote­es to do darshan. However, selected patrons will do kirtan bhakti until Janma Aarti.

As we celebrate our loved one's birthday, similarly our dearest Lord Shree Krish­na being one of our Family members deserve a grand birthday celebration. Therefore, we would encourage devotees to perform Janmashtami activities at home. Dev­otees can organise and celebrate Lord Kr­ishna's Birthday with Family and Friends at their homes. Activities may include, not limited to, young kids colouring Lo­rd​ Krishna's pictures, matki and flute etc., the elder kids can make craft related to Lord Krishn­a's life and youths can bake cake for our beloved Lord Krish­na.​

You can send to us the video clip or photos (landscape) of the any activities carried out from home either to:
Email:​ [email protected]
Cloud drive:​ [email protected]
WhatsApp: 0402 075 910

See poster for Aarti timings.
YouTube -
Facebook - 

So, join us (virtually) to celebrate the birth of Lord Shree Krishna at mid-night on Wednesday, 12th August 2020.

Please note the following as we continue with the services and Darshan during the day:

  • If you have any symptoms of sickness, please stay at home.
  • Everyone must wash hands in provided basins outside before entering the temple.
  • Children to remain with their parents/guardians at all times.
  • Due to limited number allowed in the Mandir Hall, we request to all devotees to please exercise patience while visiting Mandir. 
  • Please adhere to volunteer’s guidance at all times from the moment you enter Mandir gates until you leave.

|| Jay Shree Swaminarayan ||


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